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Market Research

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GLOBAL MARKET LINK takes an active interest in learning the business mission, target and model of our clients.  By doing so, we can identify relevant benefits, advantages, and features that can be used to expand a client’s business locally and abroad.  Our market research tools permit clients to validate business plans by providing comprehensive analysis and information related to a proposed venture or project.

With widespread market research experience across a variety of research techniques, GLOBAL MARKET LINK has developed a trusting relationship with our information partners.  By offering solutions which encompass virtually every aspect of business development and expansion, we provide our clients the flexibility and convenience of working with a single, trusted company that will seamlessly integrate with your team. 

Our research services support can include:

•    General market research assistance

  • Identify and describe the target customer profile, features, advantages and benefits of your prospective venture, product or service

•    Industry profiles and trend reports

  • Justify that your plans are credible by fully researching the need being filled with your prospective venture.  

•    Demographic and expenditure information on your target market

  • Provide concise and relevant information on target markets. Develop budgets that identify key costs essential to successful implementation of business plan.  

•    Identifying suppliers, buyers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers

  • Depending on your business, we can identify strategic partners and customers.  Understanding our client’s mission allows us to quickly tap into trusted resources that complement and aid the business plan.

•    Financial performance data and indicators

  • Develop financial plans including projected startup costs, operating costs, revenue, profits, and break-even analysis.  Ensure integration of market environment data into analysis.


•    Development resources

  • Identify partners that have the expertise and experience in particular areas of business development.  Work collaboratively to maximize relevant and accurate information for business plan.

•    Recommendations for books, journals and other sources of information

  • Global Market Link strives to be current on both publicly available and commercially supported packages of information that will aid clients in all aspects of their business


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