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Competitive Market Analysis

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Competitor analysis is an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. Competitive market analysis enable organizations in flagging competitors in their market and devise ways to gain tactical advantages over them. This plays an important role at every step of business development. Whether you are attempting to penetrate a market, draw up a business plan, or expand your business, market analysis forms a key part in making informed decisions.

As part of its competitive market assessment services, GLOBAL MARKET LINK:


  • Identifies companies that provide products/services in the market that pose a direct competition to client products/servicesEvaluates client products/services against competitors' products/services

  • Analyzes market concentration

  • Measures the market's prevailing competitive intensity

  • Develops market entry strategies

  • Prepares overview of key players and conditions in a particular industry or market

  • Assists clients differentiate their product or service from those of competitors

  • Evaluates client products/services against competitors' products/services

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