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What does Global Market Link do?

We are a consulting company focusing on assisting companies in Latin America and Europe expand their businesses in the United States.

What industries do you specialize in?

Our consultants have aided small and multinational firms in various industries, especially in the area of import/export, real estate, manufacturing, retail, financial services, banking and professional services.

Can you help us raise money?

As part of our services, we can make strategic introductions to potential investors or other intermediaries that can provide funds for business development and expansion.

Do we really need market analysis?

If you are a foreign business and are thinking of expanding to the United States, then the answer is yes.  In fact, you may require more than just market analysis.  We specialize in addressing all needs related to a client’s entry into new markets.

How do you price your services?


In general, we charge a pre-determined fixed fee.  The fee is determined by:

  • The scope of the project, in terms of tasks and anticipated number of hours to be dedicated by consultants

  • The presence or lack of a business plan

  • The complexity of your industry or business model

  • The availability of industry information

  • The speed with which a client desires a particular service

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes.  We take seriously the need for clients to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of their business dealings.  Additionally, we prefer a Mutual NDA so that our own trade secrets are protected, as well.

Where is Global Market Link located, and how do you work with clients outside of your local area?

We are a South Carolina company with offices conveniently located in South Florida near Miami, FL, which is a strategic entry point for many businesses.  Our consultants are primarily available along the eastern corridor of the United States, although we travel when required.  Additionally, the use of technology allows us to service clients in almost any geographic area.

What is the origin of Global Market Link’s name?

As the name suggests, we work with international clients (GLOBAL) with the aim of expanding their business in relevant industries (MARKET) by using information, resources and connections (LINK).


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