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Strategic Business Planning

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Whether you are seeking investors or bank financing for your company, or whether you are exploring potential opportunities in new markets, GLOBAL MARKET LINK can assist in establishing business strategies that make sense.  Our strategic focus encompasses the following:

•   Components for establishing a new venture

•   Components for expanding a current organization, product or service

•   Purchasing a business in the United States

Our team of consultants offer guidance to those seeking business information. Whether you have specific “how-to” questions or need assistance with identifying resources, we can help you find answers.

Specifically, we can help you:

•    Elaborate your business plan
•    Explore your financing options
•    Learn about starting a new business or expanding an existing business within the United States
•    Find answers to common or complex business questions
•    Make connections with prospective partners and service providers
•    Learn more about specific areas related to your industry
•    Discover relevant guides, tools and other resources

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