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Regulatory Compliance

The Management team at Global Market Link (“GML” or “Company”) is fully committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as it pertains to its business model.  GML’s management has designed, implemented, and manages a dynamic compliance program predicated on five (5) pillars of compliance. These pillars include: Policies and procedures, the appointment of a BSA Officer, Independent Testing, Training, and Knowing Your Customer (‘KYC”). The compliance program at GML is designed to ensure that the Company meets all of its regulatory responsibilities as well as operates in a safe and sound manner. We start with a thorough vetting process tailored toward getting to know our clients (KYC). Next, our systems take a sophisticated risk-based approach to anti-money laundering to identify any potential anomalies behaviors. Our systems also screen all transactions against a wide range of sanctions lists. All of these measures are taken to ensure that GML complies, at all times, with both the letter and spirit of the laws and regulations set forth by the United States government.

Global Market Link is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCen”).

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